Using Drag and Drop with setlists

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Rearranging Setlists

Typically, setlists or their items can be arranged by tapping “edit” and then dragging the three horizontal lines on the right-hand side of the cell up or down as needed. With Drag and Drop, there’s no need to enter “edit” mode first—simply tap and hold any part of the item until it lifts up and out of the list, then drag up or down as needed. Other items in the list will move out of the way, allowing you to drop your item when it’s over the right spot.

Note: rearranging setlists and their items can only be done when viewing them in “manual” sort order.

You can also use Drag and Drop to move setlists into or out of folders. Drop a setlist onto a folder to move it into that folder, or hover over the folder for a few moments (or tap on it with another finger) to open it and place the setlist at a specific spot. Or, drag a setlist and tap the menu’s back button with another finger to move it out of a folder and drop it back into the root list.

Creating Setlists

To create a new setlist, drop one or more scores or bookmarks into the main Setlists list and supply a name. To add items to an existing setlist, drop them onto the setlist’s name and they’ll be added to the end of that list. Or, hover over a setlist (or tap it) to open it, then drop the items into the list at a specific point. You can even drag items out from one setlist and into another one to copy items between them.

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