Using stamps and shapes for common markings

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Some musical symbols cannot be typed into a text box or drawn precisely, but with the “Stamps” and “Shapes” presets you can place these kinds of annotations on the page quickly and easily. Stamps is the first item on the second line of the annotation toolbar (a flat symbol by default), and shapes is the second item (a slur tool by default). Tap on either tool to select it, and tap again to see all of the available options. Drag your finger around on the page to see how each of these tools works. At the bottom of the panel, you’ll see a preview, and you can drag the size slider back and forth to adjust it accordingly.

Tip: Use the “tint” tool to color your stamps on the fly. Tap “tint” at the top of the panel, pick a color, enable the “switch” in the upper right corner, then use the stamp tool like you normally would. Similarly, you can also change the color of a shape by tapping the arrow next to it. Note that tinting does not affect any existing annotations on the page.

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