Using tabs to view multiple files at once

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forScore includes a tabs feature that works much like the tabs in your web browser. The tab bar is hidden by default when there’s only one tab in use, but you can open an item in a new tab in a couple different ways. From the main view, tap the circled ellipsis button in the title bar and choose “new tab” to open the current score or bookmark in a second tab. When viewing items in a menu, tap and hold an item and choose “new tab” from the contextual menu to open it in a new tab. Or, while editing a single item in the metadata panel, choose “new tab” from the properties menu next to the close button (a circled downward-pointing chevron).

Once the tab bar is visible, you can also tap the + button in the tab bar to open a new tab immediately. And if you’d like the tab bar to always show, there’s an option for that in the app’s settings panel.

With forScore 10 or later, you can also rearrange tabs: tap and hold one of them for a moment until it animates and grows larger, then drag it left or right as needed and lift your finger to drop it.

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