Which version do I have?

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We update forScore a lot—in fact, there have been over a hundred updates since we launched in 2010. If you’re not sure which version you’re working with, choose “Support” from the tools menu (that’s the toolbox icon that’s farthest to the right in the main control bar). The version number should be there, just below the forScore logo.

Lower down in the support menu, you’ll be notified if there is an update available and given a button to tap that will take you to the App Store app to install that update.

You can also open the App Store app on your device and select the tab called “updates” along the bottom of the screen (don’t see it listed there?). Remember, updates are free for life so as long as you’re signed in with the same account you originally used to purchase forScore, you won’t be charged a second time.

Lastly, your device may be set to download app updates automatically. (Settings app > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads: Updates) Given how much our customers tend to rely on their libraries, we recommend disabling this feature and checking for updates manually.

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