How do I reuse metadata values or edit text annotations?

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On iPads running forScore 11.1 or later, there’s no longer a separate toolbar above the keyboard when editing text annotations or metadata fields. Instead, you’ll find these buttons inside the keyboard itself (in its top right-hand corner) or along the bottom of the screen if the virtual keyboard isn’t showing.

When editing text annotations, the format button appears as an “Aa” glyph, while the delete button uses a standard trash can icon (see the image below). When editing metadata values, the suggested values and list of all existing values appear in the upper right corner of the virtual keyboard as well.

On iPhone and iPod Touch, these buttons are unchanged and are presented within a toolbar above the keyboard (as in previous versions).

Note: if “shortcuts” is disabled in the Settings app under General/Keyboard, these keyboard buttons may not appear. While iPadOS provides a way for developers to override this setting and show essential buttons at all times, it does not appear to be functional in some recent versions of iPadOS 13. We have notified Apple of the issue and expect it to be resolved with a future system update. To work around this issue, ensure that the Shortcuts item is enabled in the Settings app.

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