Labs Update

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Just a few short weeks ago we released forScore for Mac, and we’ve been pushing out minor updates across all platforms to fix bugs, iterate, and refine things even further now that Apple’s major OS updates have settled down.

As we head into the holidays, we’re continuing to push forward with development of iCloud Syncing. We’ve been testing it through forScore Labs since June and slowly increasing the number of slots available through TestFlight. Today, we released a new build and we’ve doubled our tester limit to allow even more people to participate. If you tried to sign up previously and weren’t able to, we invite you to check it out now. Click the button below to learn more about forScore Labs and to join the program if you’re interested.

We know a lot of people are anxiously awaiting more news regarding syncing, especially those who have downloaded the Mac version. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t currently offer TestFlight service for the Mac, so for now syncing with forScore Labs is available solely for iOS and iPadOS. Thanks for your patience, enthusiasm, and support; we hope to have more to share very soon.

Update: This testing phase is now concluded, but if we need help testing experimental features in the future we’ll let you know with a news post like this one. Thanks very much to our testers, we sincerely appreciate your time and participation!