Legacy Features

From time to time, features may be retired or removed from forScore when a system-level service replaces it or due to legal or policy changes. Retired features are still available but might not be the right choice for new users and are hidden by default. Below you’ll find a list of legacy features and more information about their retirement and their replacement, if applicable.

VersionsRetired 11.0

Apple’s latest file system, APFS, allows apps like forScore to duplicate files without using up any additional storage space until absolutely necessary. Using the score menu’s clone function, you can create one or more copies of a score and, as long as the copies are identical to the original, they won’t take up any additional space on your device. They work just like independent files, so you can annotate or add them to different setlists or even share them, all without filling up your iPad or iPhone. This provides a more streamlined experience than the Versions feature and replaces it.

SnapshotsRetired 10.4

With forScore 10.4 we introduced annotation layers which allow you to separate your markings and show or hide them independently from each other. In general, this provides a better and more flexible experience for users, so we retired the older Snapshots feature. If Snapshots is re-enabled, it replaces the Layers feature entirely. If it is disabled, you’ll still see the Snapshots button within the Layers interface when snapshots exist for any page of that score (allowing you to access them and convert them to layers). Learn more about these changes here.

Bluetooth File SharingRetired 10.4

AirDrop, supported on all devices since iPad (4th generation), iPhone 5, and iPod Touch (5th generation), provides a faster way of sharing files between devices even when no wifi connection is available.

TV OutputRetired 10.4

AirPlay mirroring offers a live look at your device’s screen whereas forScore’s original TV Output feature only displays periodic snapshots of your page. Unless you need fine-grained control over orientation or scale, AirPlay mirroring is usually a more appropriate choice.

WebDAV/FTP ServicesRemoved 11.0Retired 10.4

Use of these older file sharing protocols is strongly discouraged by Apple’s policies and requirements, and the ability to configure new accounts was hidden with forScore 10.4 (existing accounts were unaffected). If you rely on these services and cannot switch to a more secure protocol, consider using the Files app and file provider extensions instead.

BrowserRemoved 11.0Retired 10.4

Due to Apple’s policies, forScore’s in-app browser became inaccessible for all new customers beginning in late 2014. Native sharing functions in browsers like Safari offer all of the same features with a much better and more secure browsing experience.