Legacy Features

From time to time, features may be retired or removed from forScore when a system-level service replaces it or due to legal or policy changes. Retired features are still available but might not be the right choice for new users and are hidden by default (open forScore’s Tools menu, choose Settings, and then “Advanced Options” to re-enable certain retired features). Below you’ll find a list of legacy features and more information about their retirement and their replacement, if applicable.

NotesRetired 13.0

Due to limited use, the Notes feature has been de-emphasized in forScore 13 and is not visible by default. In general, text annotations or buttons configured to use the “Note” or “Open Link” actions offer a better experience for new users.

TV OutputReplaced 12.0Retired 10.4

forScore’s original TV Output feature was designed primarily for devices like the iPad 1 that did not support Apple’s system-level screen mirroring functionality. It was replaced in forScore 12 by a modern alternative that provides greater flexibility, dramatically improved picture quality, and independent display options. Visit this knowledge base article to learn more about this feature.

Bluetooth File SharingRemoved 13.1Retired 10.4

AirDrop, supported on all devices since iPad (4th generation), iPhone 5, and iPod Touch (5th generation), provides a faster way of sharing files between devices even when no wifi connection is available.

ConsoleRemoved 13.1Retired 12.0

Due to Apple’s removal of essential APIs, Console is no longer available as of forScore 13.1. Consider using forScore’s CSV import/export functionality to edit, share, or backup your metadata (choose Backup from the Tools menu, then tap the scroll icon in the top left-hand corner to import or export your metadata).

VersionsRemoved 14.0Retired 11.0

Apple’s latest file system, APFS, allows apps like forScore to duplicate files without using up any additional storage space until absolutely necessary. Using the score menu’s clone function, you can create one or more copies of a score and, as long as the copies are identical to the original, they won’t take up any additional space on your device. They work just like independent files, so you can annotate or add them to different setlists or even share them, all without filling up your iPad or iPhone. This provides a more streamlined experience than the Versions feature and replaces it.

SnapshotsRemoved 14.0Retired 10.4

This feature was replaced in forScore 10.4 by annotation layers which allow you to separate your markings and show or hide them independently from each other.