New iPads, Apple Pencil Pro

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At yesterday’s iPad event, Apple announced new iPad Airs, iPad Pros, and a new Apple Pencil Pro. We’re excited to be able to try out these devices for ourselves, and we’re thrilled that the 13-inch screen is now available in the more accessible iPad Air, lowering the cost of getting a touch screen that most accurately represents the physical size of paper sheet music. We think it’ll be a very popular choice for musicians.

The new Apple Pencil Pro features a new squeeze gesture which can be used much like the existing double tap gesture: the Settings app lets you choose a default behavior across all apps, including a new option just for this squeeze gesture that shows a contextual palette. In forScore, we use this option to show the tool picker that we introduced last year and it’s available to everyone (forScore Pro not required). And, just like with the Pencil’s double tap gesture, you can assign the squeeze gesture to any action in forScore’s “Page Turners & Shortcuts” settings panel and have easy access to any of those features.

All of these devices and capabilities will be available next week, but you can get ready by downloading forScore 14.2.3 today. It’s available for iPadOS, iOS, and macOS, and will be released for visionOS as soon as Apple finalizes that OS update.