Why Don’t You…

This is Justin: 👨

Well, it’s Justin enough. You get the idea.

Justin makes forScore. He’s the sole developer of the whole forScore family of apps and he’s been the only one since development began all the way back in 2009. He has a great guy named Isaac who answers emails and works with our business partners, but other than that Justin does it all. He maintains this website, handles all design, marketing, advertising, accounting, and basically anything else you can name (probably a lot of things you can’t). He’s the driving force behind practically everything that forScore has become.

Justin is a musician, too, although he rarely has time to play since he’s so incredibly passionate about making forScore better and that’s a more-than-full-time job. Juggling the current state of the app, improvements that could be made to it, and keeping an eye on all of Apple’s latest beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS means there’s just not much time left for anything else.

So when you ask why forScore isn’t available for [insert name of platform here], the answer is simple. It’s not a question of whether or not forScore would be great on [platform], or whether or not Justin thinks that [platform] is good enough, it just comes down to resources—there aren’t any left over! He still needs time to eat, clean his house, and feed his adorable dog.

We get a lot of suggestions and feedback and, believe it or not, we listen to it all. Whether or not that results in a change is a different story. If we don’t adopt your suggestion, that doesn’t mean it’s not valid! It might mean that we don’t know how to do it yet with the tools at our disposal, that we just haven’t gotten to it yet, or that we just aren’t sure it would benefit enough people every day to be a priority. Or, sometimes, Apple just won’t allow something and that’s the end of the story unless they change their mind down the road.


It’s hard to know where to go when you build a successful business, how much and how fast you want it to grow (unfettered growth is usually presumed), or how to define what makes you happy personally. For Justin, forScore is right-sized. There’s always room to improve, and there will certainly be obvious ways to expand forScore in the future, but for now it’s developing naturally without Justin Burnout 🔥.