visionOS Roadmap

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Apple’s latest platform, visionOS, will soon be making its debut with the launch of Vision Pro and we’ve spent a lot of time since its announcement last summer exploring how our apps might fit into this new space. Although we’ve done a lot of work to tailor forScore’s experience to this unique device, the tools we’ve been given haven’t quite given us enough information to commit to a day one native release of forScore for visionOS.

Instead, we’ll be making forScore available running in iPad compatibility mode—essentially the same forScore you know and love, but running on Vision Pro and constrained to a window that closely matches an iPad’s aspect ratio in either portrait or landscape orientation. Once we’ve gotten our hands (or our faces, really) on this new device we’ll be making adjustments and refining things to see how much further we can push.

Until then, here’s a first glimpse at forScore’s native experience on visionOS. We’re very excited to see where this platform goes and we look forward to announcing more soon.