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It often feels like the potential for technology to solve problems is practically limitless. That optimism is incredibly important, but lately it’s also being tempered with an overdue reckoning over how that progress is paid for. From the fight over net neutrality to Facebook’s role in politics, people are starting to realize just how much of their activities are being manipulated and monetized on websites and within apps. So today we wanted to take a detour from strict features and discuss your privacy—a feature, in some respects, but one that’s defined by what we don’t do.

Plain and simple: we don’t collect any information from you when you use our apps. We don’t offer accounts or monitor your usage, anonymously or otherwise. Unless you contact us directly, we don’t even know who you are beyond basic anonymous sales reporting.

When we want to make sure your data is available to you on each of your devices, we rely on Apple’s fully encrypted services to do it and nothing ever comes back to us. If you use features like Cue, that information is shared locally between devices and nowhere else.

We trust our customers to tell us where we go next. It may be more difficult for us to work without broad insights into how our apps are used, but that’s a tradeoff we’re happy to make and our eight years of history prove that thoughtful development can come from relationships just as easily as it can from surveillance. In the end, we’d rather make a flawed app than exploit people to gain an edge on our competition.

If you want to read our complete privacy policy you can do so here. It’s short and easy to read so you can know exactly where things stand without hiring a lawyer.