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10.2: Rearrange

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One of forScore’s most popular features is Rearrange, a tool that allows you to duplicate, reorder, rotate, or delete pages of a PDF in your library. In previous versions of forScore, Rearrange began by generating thumbnail images of each page to give you a good overview of your document. Depending on the length and size of your PDF file, this process could range from virtually instantaneous to painfully slow, and could even cause a crash if the iPad ran out of memory before finishing the process.

In forScore 10.2 we revisited this weakness and came up with a much better solution (even after seven years, there’s still room for improvement!). Now, instead of loading up all of those thumbnails at once, we only generate the images you’ll see on screen. As you scroll, forScore generates new images in the background and updates them as soon as possible, keeping scrolling as smooth and responsive as ever. We also use system-level caching to preserve off-screen images as long as possible while letting iOS decide when it needs to free up memory.

The advantages are easy to see: faster load times, fewer crashes, and all of the same features as before. Save the results as a new PDF file, or overwrite the original, and you’re doneā€”all without the round trip to your computer.