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10.3: Eraser

| Feature of the Week

This week we released forScore 10.3 and forScore mini 3.3, bringing full support for iOS 11 and adding some incredible new features that we’ll be talking about for weeks to come. So let’s dive in!

Annotation is a big deal for us, and we’ve spent the past seven years building, rebuilding, and expanding it to serve the needs of a wide range of musicians. We have all sorts of tools available in the annotation toolbar that let you add markings to your sheet music pages. Nobody’s perfect, of course, so there’s also an eraser tool that’s been there since the very beginning.

Speaking of imperfections, for reasons that are still a mystery to us here at forScore HQ, we never implemented eraser resizing. Well, with our latest update we have: tap to select the eraser, then tap again to show the detail panel that lets you adjust and preview the eraser’s size.

Sure, Drag and Drop may be stealing people’s hearts right now, but we know that the best apps balance big new features, tiny bug fixes, and enhancements like these to truly improve. So go on, get crazy with your annotations. When it’s time to clean up, the eraser tool has your back.