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10.3: Importing

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Sharing files between apps is one of the most essential and fundamental parts of working on an iPad. A device focused so heavily on single-purpose tasks needs to play well with others, so almost from the start iOS has offered the “open in…” feature that lets you share your content in a variety of ways. You might, for example, open a PDF in Safari and then choose to send a copy of it to forScore.

These days Drag and Drop is all the rage, and it works very similarly under the hood (even if the way you use it seems entirely different). Drag one or more compatible files from an app right into forScore and drop them onto the page or into a setlist to add a copy to your library. Unlike the old “open in…” method, Drag and Drop lets you import multiple files at once, which leads us to this week’s feature: conflict management.

Sure, it’s not a big front-of-the-box feature, but conflict management is an important part of any file-based app. When you import a file and another file already exists in your forScore library with that name, you’re now prompted to overwrite, duplicate, or skip files with conflicting names. This works just like it always has with the Services panel, but now it’s built right into forScore’s main view and many of its menus. Whether it’s just one file or a set of three with two conflicts, you’ll only be prompted once so you can pick what you need and let forScore do the rest.