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10.3: Item Pickers

| Feature of the Week

Whether you’re adding scores to batch edit them in the Metadata panel, choosing a specific song or setlist to track with Dashboard goals or reports, or appending their pages with the Rearrange tool, the item picker is the tool you use. This picker is a list view that’s similar to the Scores menu but more specific and narrowly focused. There are no arrow buttons and no edit mode or any of its related functions, but things that help you find what you’re looking for quickly—the search bar and filters—are ready should you need them.

It’s a small thing, but in 10.3 we made the item picker a little better by showing additional information such as rating, difficulty, key, and duration for any score that has such metadata. It’s not game-changing, but now when you’re looking for a specific version of a piece you won’t have to rely on its title alone to make sure it’s the right one.