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10.4: Services

| Feature of the Week

Last week we explored forScore 10.4’s Musicnotes integration and the concept of “content providers” in addition to the existing “cloud services” that can be accessed through forScore’s Services panel. While Musicnotes is the biggest story here by far, our latest update also includes some nice enhancements for those cloud services as well.

First, we added the ability to specify a starting directory when using Dropbox or Box: open either of these services and navigate to a directory where you store your forScore files, tap the new gear icon in the toolbar, and check the “Start Here” item. Now, any time you return to that service you’ll start in that directory. There’s a grace period, however, so you can close the services panel to check something else and return within a short amount of time without losing your spot.

Next, Dropbox users can now view a thumbnail preview of their files so they can make sure they’ve got the right item before they download it. Just tap the info button to the right of any supported file type including PDFs, CSV files, and many image formats.

We also made some changes to the way forScore integrates with Apple’s own service (called Files on iOS 11, iCloud Drive on iOS 10 and earlier), but there’s more to the story there and we’ll be back next week with a detailed look at that one.