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10.5: Filters

| Feature of the Week

Introduced in forScore 10.1, filters let you narrow down the items in a list by combining powerful rules to specify when things should be included or omitted. It’s a handy tool that gives you a lot of granular control over what you see and it can be used to cross-reference categories quickly and easily. And now, with forScore 10.5, filters have gotten even more powerful.

Filters were originally available in forScore’s main menu, the global search panel, the setlist creator, and in item pickers used throughout the app. We added them to the Setlist menu in forScore 10.5 so you now can see exactly what you’re looking for within the contents of a specific setlist.

Everywhere filters are available, you can now also define rules based on setlist membership: choose to see things in—or not in—a specific setlist, or select multiple setlists and see the items in any, all, or none of them. Together, these two upgrades can really help you work smarter and faster.