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10.5: HEIC

| Feature of the Week

As of version 10.5, forScore takes advantage of a newer, more efficient type of image compression that Apple began offering with iOS 11.0. While not a feature you’ll use directly, HEIC does provide some nice advantages for things you do every day (if your device supports it).

First, forScore uses HEIC to store cached thumbnails and pages. Since HEIC images take up significantly less space than older formats, forScore can cache more content than before without using up any more of your device’s storage capacity. That makes things like using the seek bar, previewing items with quick peek, or opening the Rearrange panel faster than ever.

If you’re using the Cue app, forScore also transmits HEIC images to dramatically improve quality and performance. Since forScore sends these images to a nearby device wirelessly, reducing the amount of information it has to send is the absolute best way to achieve these gains.

The big features and tools grab the headlines most of the time, but efficiency and speed are just as important to making sure that forScore never skips a beat. HEIC is just one more way we turbocharge your sheet music—even if you never see it, you’ll feel it.