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10.5: Rearrange

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With forScore’s Rearrange tool, you get complete control over a document’s layout: reorder, rotate, remove, duplicate pages, and insert pages from a template, from another item in your forScore library, or even from a PDF file dragged into the Rearrange panel from another app.

All of that power needs a great interface that’s easy to use, and in forScore 10.5 we made one change that really helps push things forward. Now, instead of just moving one page around at a time, you can drag multiple pages and move them all to another spot quickly and easily.

Begin by dragging a page with one finger, then tap additional pages with any other finger to add them to your drag stack. When you drop the stack, all of those pages are placed at the new position in the same order you used to pick them up. If you start dragging multiple files and change your mind or pick up a wrong page, tap the red Cancel button and all of the pages you’re dragging will go back to their original location.