2.1 Available Now

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forScore 2.1 is available now, and includes the following changes:

• iOS 4.2 compatibility
• AirPrint support (with or without annotations)
• Adds the ability to duplicate setlists
• Adds a setting to disable tap controls for navigation
• Adds guitar notation stamps for right hand (p, i, m, a)
• Displays current and total time to the media box during playback
• Adds a warning when attempting to download the full forStore collection more than once
• Allows a greater range of BPM values (1-300) when typed in manually
• Skip-To-Page bar track now disappears when viewing a single-page score
• Improves menu auto-resizing measurements and animations
• Bug Fixes

forScore 2.1 is still just $4.99, and available free of charge to all existing customers.