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Annotation Snapshots

| Feature of the Week

Context is important, and the annotations you make today may not be useful in another situation. Instead of constantly erasing everything and starting from scratch, forScore’s Snapshots tool lets you save and restore all of the annotations on a page, including your drawings, stamps, shapes, links, buttons, and text annotations.

While in annotation mode, tap the clock icon (the last tool in the lower row of controls) to see the Snapshots interface. Tap the “Add Snapshot” button and give it a name, and all of the annotations you’ve made—even if you haven’t saved them yet—will be copied and displayed in a row along the top of the screen. Tap on it to see a preview, rename it, delete or restore it.

Now you can continue annotating, or erase everything and start over, saving as many new sets of annotations as you like. To reset the page back to a saved state, simply tap on the snapshot you want to use and tap the “Restore Snapshot” button to replace all of the annotations on the page with that snapshot.

So whether you’re maintaining separate annotations for practice vs. performance or you’re a teacher with multiple students, snapshots can save you time and let you work more flexibly.