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New iPads, Apple Pencil Pro


At yesterday’s iPad event, Apple announced new iPad Airs, iPad Pros, and a new Apple Pencil Pro. We’re excited to be able to try out these devices for ourselves, and we’re thrilled that the 13-inch screen is now available in the more accessible iPad Air, lowering the cost of getting a touch screen that most accurately represents the physical size of paper sheet music. We think it’ll be a very popular choice for musicians.

The new Apple Pencil Pro features a new squeeze gesture which can be used much like the existing double tap gesture: the Settings app lets you choose a default behavior across all apps, including a new option just for this squeeze gesture that shows a contextual palette. In forScore, we use this option to show the tool picker that we introduced last year and it’s available to everyone (forScore Pro not required). And, just like with the Pencil’s double tap gesture, you can assign the squeeze gesture to any action in forScore’s “Page Turners & Shortcuts” settings panel and have easy access to any of those features.

All of these devices and capabilities will be available next week, but you can get ready by downloading forScore 14.2.3 today. It’s available for iPadOS, iOS, and macOS, and will be released for visionOS as soon as Apple finalizes that OS update.

forScore 14.2


Today we’re proud to announce the immediate release of forScore 14.2, the latest major update to our sheet music reading app for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and now Vision Pro. Available across four platforms—all included in a single up-front purchase—it’s the most flexible and powerful version yet. The experience on Vision Pro is unlike anything we’ve ever made, and we think it’s the start of a stunning new way for musicians to edit, organize, and play from their sheet music in their own space or immersed in spectacular environments.

Thanks so much to our beta testers, and to all of you for continuing to support forScore and allowing us to keep providing significant updates like this year after year. We couldn’t do it without you.

forScore 14.2

Available now for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Vision Pro

Sneak Peek: forScore 14.2


A few weeks ago we discussed our plans for visionOS, and at the time we expected to make forScore available in iPad compatibility mode while we assessed the practicality of a native visionOS experience. After just a few days with Apple Vision Pro, we’re now ready to fully commit to this platform and we’re updating our plans to prioritize a native visionOS version of forScore.

Today we’re very excited to be able to give you a preview of forScore 14.2, coming soon to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and visionOS. We’re also proud to be able to offer this version as a universal purchase, so it’ll be available to all existing customers free of charge.

forScore 14.2 will be released soon, but you can try it out for yourself today by becoming a beta tester. Otherwise, be sure to check back soon as we put the final touches on this incredible update.

forScore 14.2 Sneak Peek  

visionOS Roadmap


Apple’s latest platform, visionOS, will soon be making its debut with the launch of Vision Pro and we’ve spent a lot of time since its announcement last summer exploring how our apps might fit into this new space. Although we’ve done a lot of work to tailor forScore’s experience to this unique device, the tools we’ve been given haven’t quite given us enough information to commit to a day one native release of forScore for visionOS.

Instead, we’ll be making forScore available running in iPad compatibility mode—essentially the same forScore you know and love, but running on Vision Pro and constrained to a window that closely matches an iPad’s aspect ratio in either portrait or landscape orientation. Once we’ve gotten our hands (or our faces, really) on this new device we’ll be making adjustments and refining things to see how much further we can push.

Until then, here’s a first glimpse at forScore’s native experience on visionOS. We’re very excited to see where this platform goes and we look forward to announcing more soon.

forScore 14.1


We’re happy to announce the release of forScore 14.1, the latest major update to our sheet music reading app for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. This version includes an all-new interactive pitch pipe widget, displays up to five pages side-by-side in landscape window sizes, adds the ability to share files securely and for a limited time, introduces button labels, and more.

Thanks as always to our beta testers, and to all of you for continuing to support forScore and allowing us to keep providing significant free updates like this.

forScore 14.1

Available now for iPad, iPhone, and Mac