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Darkroom: Adjust

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As we’ve discussed over the past several weeks, forScore 10 brought a lot of big improvements to the Darkroom feature. First, we took a look at the Crop tool which allows you to get the best possible view of your page by accounting for margins, rotation, and shifted perspective. Then we discussed the Enhance tool which gives you better results by adjusting brightness, contrast, tone, and more with just a single tap. Finally, today we’ll be taking a look at the Adjust tool which lets you modify your images even more granularly: it’s like the Enhance tool in manual mode.

Like Enhance, the Adjust tool can be used to modify one specific image or all of your images at once: tap the Adjust icon (three overlapping circles) in the toolbar at the bottom of Darkroom’s main view or tap an image to show the full-screen preview and use it there to adjust only that specific image.

When you tap the Adjust tool, a new view appears with controls for saturation, contrast, and brightness. Drag these sliders back and forth to see how they change your image: the preview updates instantly while the full image is only updated when you dismiss the panel. Tap the preview image at any time to switch between a thumbnail image or a zoomed in closeup.

Darkroom’s three new tools work together to help you get even better results when digitizing your scores on the go. So next time someone hands you paper and there’s no flatbed scanner to be found, don’t forget to put them to good use.