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Default Keyboard Shortcuts

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We’ve previously discussed the Page turners & shortcuts section of forScore’s settings panel, which allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for many of forScore’s features, but we only made a passing reference to some of the things you can do by default. So today we’re going to spell those out and show you what you can already do with forScore and a keyboard, even if you’ve never opened that section of the settings panel.

While viewing a score, you can use any of these default shortcuts (if the function is available in the current context):

Annotate cmd + a
Edit (open Metadata panel) cmd + e
Find (open Search panel) cmd + f
Share cmd + s
Open Menu (scores menu) cmd + o
Setlists cmd + l
New Tab cmd + t
Close Tab cmd + w
Next Tab tab
Previous Tab shift + tab
Metronome (start/stop) cmd + m

In annotation mode, a separate set of default commands is available:

Stamps cmd + 1
Shapes cmd + 2
Draw cmd + 3 (see additional notes below)
Ruler cmd + r
Lasso cmd + l
Text cmd + t
Eraser cmd + e
Clear cmd + x
Undo cmd + z
Redo cmd + shift + z

Press command and a number between 3 and 9 to select drawing presets based on their position from left to right.

In each of these cases, pressing and holding the command key will present an overlay that lists all of the available shortcuts, so you don’t have to memorize them all to take advantage of them. If any of those don’t work well for you, or if you want to add some, learn more about custom shortcuts here.