Earth Day

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Today is Earth Day, the annual celebration of our world and a reminder of the care and stewardship it requires of us. Humanity’s impact on our environment has never been so potent, and although the way we address that is a topic of fierce debate, we can all agree that we’re in this together.

Our app has an impact, too, enabling our customers to reduce costs associated with producing and distributing paper sheet music. We don’t collect any information from our customers so we may never know just how much paper we’ve saved together, but we’re proud to know that forScore has had a positive impact, no matter how it’s quantified.

Saving paper is a big benefit to what we do, but it’s not the only way we reduce our carbon footprint. Many major companies regularly release updates to their apps based on an internal cycle—even when there’s nothing notable about the new version. They push app updates that are a hundred megabytes or more to most of their users’ devices for virtually no reason, wasting an incredible amount of bandwidth and energy.

We keep forScore as small as possible by only including third-party frameworks and code when absolutely necessary, and we only release updates when we have a reason to. Right after a major update, like the recent release of forScore 11, that means you’ll see a lot of quick updates as we fix bugs and tie up loose ends. After things settle down, you might not hear from us for months while we work on the next big thing.

On a global scale, forScore is just a tiny drop in the bucket but every little bit helps and we’ll never stop trying to find ways to be considerate, thoughtful, and have a positive impact on the world around us.