forScore 11: Common Questions

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It’s a huge week for us and the response to forScore 11 has been great, thank you all so much for your incredible support! We’re working through a backlog of emails and doing our best to answer questions as quickly as we can, but we wanted to address a few of the most common ones here to help get the word out.

Drawing preset width

The new variable width drawing algorithms at work when you use an Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon produce thicker lines in general than previous versions; if you want to make them thinner, adjust the Variable Width option in forScore’s settings panel. (We’ll be making some adjustments with version 11.0.1 to improve the effect, so be sure to try these different settings once you’ve updated to find the right fit for you at that point.)

Downloading forScore onto a second device

forScore 11 is a universal app and you can install it on multiple devices for free if you’re signed in with the same Apple ID. Currently, an App Store bug makes it appear as though you have to pay a second time to download it which is not true. If you go through the purchase process you will not be charged. Learn more here.

Business model/subscriptions

We’re not changing our business model, forScore remains a paid up-front app with free updates for life. forScore Pro is an additional, optional service that isn’t right for everyone. Visit this page to learn more about our approach to subscriptions.

Where did Versions and/or Devices go?

A few things moved around in forScore 11 but these features aren’t gone. Devices moved into forScore’s settings panel and Versions is now a legacy feature that can be re-enabled for users who need it (Cloning is a better choice for new users).