forScore 11 Public Beta

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We just announced forScore 11 and with this update we’re doing something a little different: we’re taking advantage of the newer public beta feature of Apple’s TestFlight service. This feature makes testing far simpler—instead of sending us your information, you simply install the TestFlight app and tap the link on our beta page from your iPad or iPhone. Space is limited, so if you’re interested don’t delay!

The currently available build is actually our sixth beta version, so it’s near-final and more stable than a typical beta release. There’s always some risk that a feature might not work as expected, but if you’re interested in the many new features and upgrades coming soon to the App Store and want an early look, this is the best way yet to do so. Plus, you’ll be helping us make sure we tied up all of the loose ends and be a part of our final push to release day.

We’re incredibly excited about forScore 11 and we hope you are too! Whether you want to dive right in or wait until it’s released publicly, we appreciate your interest and support.