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Today we’re proud to announce the release of forScore 12.1 with iCloud Syncing, available first to forScore Pro subscribers as part of their Early Access benefits. This update actually includes a ton of other improvements and enhancements for everyone, though, so we wanted to take a moment to point out a few of them:

Contextual Menus: Apple designed touch-compatible contextual menus to work with single items, but this limitation always seemed unnecessary to us. With forScore 12.1 we’ve managed to improve this—everywhere that forScore supports edit mode and multiple item selection, you can now pick two or more items and then tap and hold any one of them (or right click on it) to work with all of those items at once. We’ve also added a contextual menu to the title bar display so you can quickly perform common tasks with the current item.

Show In Library: One of the actions in the title bar’s new contextual menu is “Show In Library” and it reopens whichever menu you used to navigate to the current score. For instance, if you choose a score from the composer “Mozart” and later navigate to the “Classical” genre, this action reopens the Score menu and returns you to the “Mozart” list, scrolling to the current item and highlighting it for you. This new action is also available for configuration via the Page Turners & Shortcuts and Gestures settings panels.

Mac Upgrades: Late last year we introduced forScore for Mac and we’ve been working furiously ever since to make it even better. We brought one of forScore 12’s biggest new features, enhanced support for external displays, to the Mac by making it open up a secondary window that you can move to any monitor. We fine-tuned performance, squished bugs, made the sidebar resizable, and added subtle hover effects to a number of interface elements to make them feel more natural when used with a cursor.

Improvements: We spent most of our time working hard to build iCloud Syncing, but we also intentionally focused on “quality of life” improvements—little touches that really add up. We adopted iOS/iPadOS 14’s pull-down menus in more places, enhanced setlist pickers to use folder-based navigation, and we added right-click menus to the page and even to the tab bar so you can do many of the same things we discussed earlier but for any item open in a tab. Finally, we made changes to our default settings that will help mitigate the the worst effects of a system bug that Apple still hasn’t fixed a year later; hopefully that saga ends soon.

All of these changes and many others add up to the best version of forScore yet—still offered as a free upgrade for all users. Thank you all for your tremendous support and feedback!

forScore 12.1

Available now for iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch