forScore 2.2 Out Now

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We’re happy to announce the release of forScore version 2.2. This update brings several great new features, while also fixing bugs and improving overall stability. We’ve added new features like Page Peek, which lets you preview scores from the main menu by tapping and holding them, and also shows you a preview thumbnail of the destination page while using the skip-to-page bar.

The all-new annotation snapshots feature let you create and restore from up to 24 different saved states, while the redesigned page notes feature is now much more prominent and accessible, allowing you to take notes without necessarily needing them to be visible right on the page at all times.

Here’s the full list of updates:

• Tap and hold any score in the menu to preview it
• See a thumbnail of the destination page while using the skip-to-page bar
• Backup and restore from multiple annotation snapshots
• Redesigned page notes, score title now ends with an asterisk if any page notes exist
• Adds a rotation setting for VGA Output
• Allows file deletion from search results
• Backup/Restore function now has the option to include settings
• Backup file email and import
• Setlists no longer ignore “Flip Between Scores” setting
• File/Bookmark metadata control now disappears properly when choosing audio tracks
• Bluetooth share button now disappears and appears appropriately
• Bug Fixes

Version 2.2 is available for just $4.99, or free for all existing users.