forScore 7.1

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Since its inception, forScore has always been about removing barriers between musicians and their music. Today we’re happy to announce the latest update to forScore, version 7.1, and we think it’s a big step forward for that core mission.

For many musicians, cloud-based file storage is an essential part of their workflow, and it became clear early on in forScore’s development that Dropbox was used by a huge majority of these musicians. Since then, however, the file services market has shifted and there’s no right choice for everyone (and sometimes no choice at all, like for many students).

With that in mind, we’ve replaced forScore’s Dropbox panel with an entirely new Services feature that lets you use your Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Box account, and connect to any number of FTP or WebDAV servers—more options than any other music reader we know of. Completely rebuilt and backed by an entirely new architecture, it’s more reliable and usable than ever before: search the current directory, create and manage folders, and sort lists by filename or date modified.

We also set out to fix a common usability issue when working with a large number of file transfers: errors. Many apps simply alert you every time something goes wrong, and if your network drops out while transferring dozens of files, you might be stuck dismissing dozens of popup alerts. Instead, we created a log view that lists your communications with the server and lets you see the status of each. You can even retry canceled or failed transfers with just a few taps.

We know this has been on a lot of people’s wish lists for a long time now and we think getting it right was worth the wait. Version 7.1 is available immediately on the App Store and still absolutely free for existing users or just $6.99 (USD) for newcomers, so be sure to check it out!