forScore mini 1.0

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Today we’re very excited and proud to announce the release of forScore mini, the complete forScore experience for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s been a long process and an incredibly rewarding one, and the final result is a relentless pursuit of the mission forScore started over four years ago: to remove barriers between musicians and their music.

Now, with your entire repertoire in your pocket and the world’s incredibly diverse library of music just a few taps away, there’s no doubt forScore mini fulfills its mission and significantly broadens the variety of ways musicians can benefit from digital sheet music. The music reader that so many people love and depend on every day is now more accessible and versatile than ever, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Available immediately and exclusively on the App Store, forScore mini is just $6.99 (USD) so be sure to check it out today!