Introducing: forScore 3

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We’re very proud to announce the immediate availability of the third major version of forScore, just $4.99 (USD) or free for all existing users. For this update, we’ve spent a lot of time considering how people use forScore on a few different levels: from how they interact with each score, to how they work with their libraries, and finally how forScore fits into the bigger picture of a musician’s workflow. Here are some of the highlights from the dozens of revisions we’ve made in this update:


To really improve the ways that people interact with individual scores, we began by thinking about the kinds of things people can do with paper that they can’t do with digital files—like rearranging pages. Links have always been one of forScore’s most innovative features, but with the growing popularity of page turners it just wasn’t enough, and so we’ve added a new Rearrange feature that allows you to reorder, duplicate, and delete pages of any score in your library and save them as a new PDF file (or over the original).

We also took some time to consider ways of using scores that just aren’t possible with paper, and we came up with our new Versions feature. With it, you can work with multiple sets of information for the same score (great for music teachers). It’s a feature that we think will really open up the ways that people think about working with individual files.


One of the most important features that forScore offers is the ability to create setlists for manually grouping and reordering your scores. In 3.0 we’ve added search functionality, and we’ve provided four different ways to view and play through your setlists: manually, alphabetically, randomly, or by least-recently played.

We’ve also added an important safety feature to version 3.0: now every time the app launches it creates a backup of your library and keeps the latest versions from both the current day as well as the last day that you used the app. We can’t guarantee that your information will always be 100% safe, but we think this will help.

Big Picture

We know that forScore users don’t just live in a bubble, so we’ve taken a lot of time to improve the ways that people share their files. We’ve added our Darkroom feature which allows you to create PDFs from images in your iPad library or taken with your camera. We’ve updated the browser to use a download queue so you can save files without previewing them first, and so you can continue browsing while they download.

Finally, we’ve added DropBox integration. Now you can download PDF or 4SC files directly from your DropBox account and save them to your library, or upload either kind of file for safe keeping.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot more to forScore 3, though, so be sure to head over to the app store and check it out. We’ve worked hard on this update, and we’re sure that the improvements we’ve made will make this version of forScore the best yet. With over 40 updates in 15 months, it should be clear that we want our app to be the best that it can be, and thanks to the support and feedback of customers all around the world, we know that it will continue to improve with every revision.