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Inserting Pages

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While the big news this week is the release of iOS 10 and forScore 10.1, we’ve still got a few features introduced earlier this year that we just can’t skip! Today’s is an extremely helpful addition to the Rearrange tool that combines its flexible features with the merge function to create an even more powerful tool. In fact, if we were naming it today, we’d probably call it the Layout tool instead.

Using this new functionality is easy, just pick a file you want to edit and choose “Rearrange” from the tools menu. The new + button at the bottom of the screen lets you add the pages of any other score in your library to your current workspace. Pick the file you want, and its pages will be added to the bottom of the grid view. You can duplicate them, delete them, rotate them, and arrange them any way you like. It’s a great way of solving some common problems, like when a file you’ve scanned ends up missing a page or when one or more pages are changed later on and need to be replaced.

That’s not all, though, because you can also use this new feature to insert one or more blank pages. These blank pages can be placed anywhere you like, and once you save your changes you can even annotate on them. It’s Rearrange, and it’s Merge, and it’s even moreā€”all in one easy place.