iOS 5 Compatibility

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With the release of iOS 5 right around the corner, many of you are likely wondering if it’s safe to update or if you should hold off for a little while. We’re happy to report that as of today, with version 3.1.3, we’re ready. We’ve done a lot of work to prepare for this release, and although there’s no way we can know for certain that we’ve caught every change, we don’t anticipate any major problems. If you rely on forScore—or any app for that matter—you’ll need to decide when the time is right to upgrade, but we think it’s going to be a seamless transition.

There is one important difference with the latest version, however, that results from policy changes on Apple’s behalf: we’ve had to remove our automatic backup feature entirely. It’s an unfortunate change, since we firmly believe that this feature does nothing but benefit our customers (even if it breaks a few rules in the process.) In the end, however, we have no choice but to adapt and move on. We work hard to make forScore the best it can be, and we’re looking forward to the future and all of the great iOS updates we’ll get to yell, sweat, and eventually cheer through. We hope you like it.