iOS 7

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With the upcoming release of iOS 7, we know our users are wondering about compatibility and we’re happy to say that the current version of forScore (5.1.5) should work just fine with this exciting upgrade. We’ve worked with beta versions of iOS 7 since it was announced back in June, and while we can’t predict how the final release might differ from the versions we’ve been testing with, any issues at this point will likely be minor and we’re standing by to make any necessary tweaks. As always, be sure to back up your forScore library before upgrading.

Once you do, you’ll see that forScore 5.1.5 looks and feels almost exactly the same on iOS 7 as it does on iOS 6, but we’ll be releasing a big update in the next several weeks that’ll include some incredible new features as well as a completely new design—exclusively for iOS 7—so be sure to check back soon for a sneak peek and more news.