iOS 8 Issues

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Update: forScore 8.0.4 is available now, please update if you’re using iOS 8.

We work hard to ensure that major updates go as smoothly as possible—both forScore updates and iOS updates. This year, like every year, we downloaded each of the iOS betas on day one and worked incredibly hard to accommodate changes and keep an eye out for bugs. Unfortunately, some issues just don’t come to light until everything goes live. For our users running iOS 8, one particular problem has surfaced and we wanted to take some time to explain what it is, why it happened, and what we’ve done to fix it.

Some users have found that when they turn from one page of a score to the next, what they actually see is a page from a completely different score. With the help of some very patient beta testers, we were able to determine that the problem comes down to one of the most basic parts of iOS itself: user preferences. Most developers use this system to store your settings and environmental information (in our case, the name of the file you’re looking at). In iOS 8, these values occasionally revert to an earlier state without warning.

To be clear, this isn’t an issue with our major forScore 8.0 update. In fact, we’ve had very few issues related to new or updated features. It’s a problem with iOS, and ultimately Apple will need to fix it. Until then, however, we’ve relocated the information we rely on most to mitigate the worst symptoms of this problem. Our 8.0.2 update, which was submitted before we were able to track down this issue, has already been in review for almost two weeks, so we’re waiting for it to be approved before we submit 8.0.3 with these fixes. We’ll be requesting an expedited review for 8.0.3, since this problem is so severe, and we hope to have everything sorted out soon.

We can’t change the fact that these issues exist, but we can and are doing everything we can to respond to them swiftly. Thank you for your patience and continued support.