iRig Blueboard

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With this morning’s update to forScore 6.1 and the exciting addition of MIDI integration, it’s worth taking a look at IK Multimedia’s wireless MIDI controller: the iRig Blueboard. We’ve been testing one over the past few weeks and found it to be a compelling and capable controller, worth considering if you’re looking for a page turner.

The popular existing choices, the AirTurn BT-105 and PageFlip Cicada, are distinct takes on what a page turner should be and have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the iRig Blueboard is an even bigger departure: it uses Bluetooth 4.0 for incredible energy efficiency, features four soft backlit buttons instead of pedals, and communicates via MIDI instead of impersonating a standard computer keyboard (which works around iOS’ cumbersome virtual keyboard behavior).

The iRig Blueboard requires an intermediary app to function, so you need to install it and keep it running in the background whenever you want to use the Blueboard. This is perhaps the biggest disadvantage when compared to other page turners, although the app does give you the added ability to program the four backlit buttons to send different signals. You can use forScore to map those signals to specific functions, just like you can with the other page turner options (choose “Settings” from the tools menu, then select “Page turners & shortcuts”). All in all, it’s a great option for anyone who can benefit from MIDI compatibility in other apps, and the best deal for four controls in a power-conscious, self-contained package.