Crash when merging or rearranging

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Some users may experience crashing when saving changes made in rearrange mode, merging files together, or sharing merged PDF setlists. This typically happens when working with large files or files within many pages.

This is due to the way Apple chooses to handle situations where an app requires more resources or requires them for a longer period. On iOS and iPadOS, apps may be terminated unexpectedly by the system in these cases (this tends to occur most frequently when rearranging or merging large and/or high-resolution files).

Since this is a system-level policy, we don’t have any means of changing this behavior ourselves. We recommend checking the PDF’s file resolution using PDF editing software (such as Adobe Acrobat) to make sure it’s optimized for display on the iPad screen. We recommend no more than 300dpi for best balance of resolution and performance. If the file is larger than 300dpi, downsample it using a PDF editing utility so that the saving process in forScore doesn’t require as much system memory. To swap out the downsampled PDF for the original one, see this knowledge base article.

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