Understanding forScore bookmarks

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With forScore, you can create bookmarks to quickly navigate to a specific page or to divide longer scores into individual sections and work with them independently from each other.

Open the Bookmarks menu (open book icon) to see all of the bookmarks for the score you’re currently viewing. You can sort them by page number, alphabetically, or search for a particular title. Tap the + button to create a new bookmark.

When creating a bookmark with forScore 11 or newer, you can choose whether to create an “item” or “page” bookmark. (With forScore 10 or earlier, supply an end page value to create an item bookmark, or leave it blank to create a page bookmark instead.) Page bookmarks are like table of contents entries that simply take you to a specific page, while Item bookmarks work like virtual items in your forScore library. You can learn more about these two types of bookmarks here.

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