Do I need to purchase forScore again to use on another device?

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Like all apps you purchase through the App Store using your Apple ID, Apple allows you to install them on multiple compatible devices at no additional charge, so long as you’re logged into the same Apple ID used to make the original purchase.

When upgrading devices, you can re-install them (or restore from a device backup) on the new device at no charge as well, again if you are logged into the same Apple ID.

If you restore your new iPad from an iTunes or iCloud backup of an older device, this should also transfer all your apps to the new device and restore your forScore library files and data (occasionally this does not happen, but in most cases it does). If you would like to set up the device from scratch or if the iTunes/iCloud backup doesn’t restore your forScore data, you can sign into the App Store app with the same Apple ID, then download forScore at no charge, then use these instructions to transfer your library manually: Transferring your forScore library to another device

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