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Margin Adjustment

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Although there are lots of helpful concepts that can be taken from paper sheet music and translated into the digital realm, one of the more annoying carryovers is the standardized use of margins. This whitespace around each page improves legibility but makes the content smaller—an important consideration on iPads since their screens are smaller than a typical sheet of paper.

With forScore’s crop tool, you can adjust pages individually to get the best possible view of your music, but this can take some time and must be done one page at a time.

Some files (especially those that are digitally created) use similar margins on every page and are centered properly. For these files, using the margin adjustment slider in the Layout tab of the metadata panel is a better option. It lets you increase the size of all of the pages of a piece of music by the same amount, zooming in towards the center and eliminating those excess margins quickly and easily. Best of all, you can still crop individual pages if they require more precise adjustments.

So stop squinting and give your eyes a break! Take a few seconds to set it up, and you’ll never have to worry about it again.