Minor Updates

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Just over a week ago now Apple released iOS 16 and we introduced forScore 13.1, the biggest update we’ve ever done. We’re so grateful for your patience and feedback while we work to address the bugs that slipped through. We always test our updates as much as we can but going from less than a hundred testers to over a hundred thousand users in an instant is always bound to uncover things we just didn’t see on our own.

There’s a tough balance to strike between fixing every bug as quickly as we can and releasing too many updates in a row, but sometimes we just have to push through. It has been an exhausting week (especially for an app built and maintained by a single developer) but we’re happy with the progress we’re making. Right now we’re aware of a performance issue affecting people with a very high number of files and we’ve added some diagnostics capabilities to 13.1.3 to help us identify and resolve it. So expect a 13.1.4 relatively soon, and then things should quiet down until iPadOS 16 comes out in a few weeks.

There’s one last thing we’d like to point out for those who aren’t aware: although automatic app updates are enabled by default, they’re optional. If you require a near-constant level of stability and even a few days of bugs can severely impact you in professional or educational terms you should turn this feature off and update when you’re ready. You’ve got some control over how this process works and you should use it if you need to.

Thanks once again to our incredible audience, your continuing support and enthusiasm are what drives forScore forward.