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Note Reminders

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Since forScore 1.0, you’ve been able to type in notes for a specific page of your score. Unlike text annotations, however, these notes aren’t visible on the page so you have to remember that they exist and open the Notes interface to read them. They’re more useful for longer blocks of text, but when we added text annotations a few months later most people found those to be more appropriate for shorter phrases.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for the Notes feature, though, and in forScore 4.0 we made an important change that really made it useful in its own unique way: reminders. Instead of needing to go in and check if you’ve added any important information to every page you play, reminders display your text near the top of the page for a few seconds and then get out of your way. They only appear once until you leave the score and come back to it, so you can navigate freely and handle repeats without seeing the same notes over and over again.

Reminders are page-specific, so you can turn them on (flip the “Remind Me” switch in the Notes editor) for your high-priority notes and leave them off for the rest. Reminders even work great in two-up view, using one alert to display notes from both pages simultaneously!