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Page Turn Animations

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Back when the iPad was first introduced, there were a few key things from a software standpoint that really made it feel like a completely new thing: the photos app with its unique interface and gestures, the mail app’s split screen layout, and of course iBooks with its unbelievable page curl animation.

Every version of forScore has used this same animation when moving between pages, and although it’s not the head-turning detail that it once was it still fits well with the page turning concept. Unfortunately, it’s a system-provided animation and can’t be customized, so it always curls up from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen up to the top left. That means the most important part of the next page is the last part of the page to come into view. We’ve sped up the animations a lot since version 1.0 to help, but if they just don’t work for you we’ve since added three other options: stack, slide, and no animation at all. (Tap the “Page Transitions” option in the settings panel to try them out for yourself.)

The “Stack” option animates the top page only, throwing it off to the left and revealing the static next page beneath it. The “Slide” option moves the current page off to the left while moving the next page in from the right, like camera film advancing. Both animations work in reverse when you navigate to the previous page.

The “Off” option removes animations altogether, making your page turns virtually instantaneous. For some, the lack of animation makes it difficult to see if you’ve actually advanced to the next page or not, but for others it’s perfect. Try them all out and find the one that works for you!