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When you need to group and play through some of your music in a specific order, Setlists are the perfect tool for the job. But did you know you can also insert placeholders into a setlist? In the setlist creator, tap the “Placeholder” button at the bottom of the screen and supply a name. Now, when you’re playing through your setlist and you get to that spot, you’ll see a single page with just that title centered on-screen. It’s perfect for songs you know by heart, songs you sit out, or program notes like an intermission.

Of course, it can also be used as a placeholder for music you just don’t have yet. In the Setlists menu, you can tell that something is a placeholder because the arrow button to the right of it will have a dotted circle around it rather than the normal solid one. Tap this dotted button to open the setlist creator and replace the placeholder with your score or bookmark once you’ve got it.