Retina Support

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With Apple announcing an all-new iPad today, you may be wondering if forScore will work with the new hardware. It will, and with our forthcoming update, forScore version 3.5, it will also be fully optimized for the Retina display. We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks to get ready for this, and forScore looks gorgeous in 3.1 million pixels.

This update includes a lot more than just Retina display support, though, so iPad 1 and 2 users won’t be left out. Most significantly, we’ve added something that we think will make a huge difference: performance mode. With it, any touch anywhere on the screen turns the page forwards, except for a strip down the left-hand side of the screen which turns backwards just in case you flip too far ahead. It makes page turns more reliable than ever, and you’ll feel just as comfortable using forScore in performance as you do in practice. That’s just one of a number of improvements we’re making with forScore 3.5, which will be available soon for just $4.99 (USD) and still absolutely free for existing users.