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There’s a lot to love about forScore (three years of “feature of the week” articles is proof enough of its wide range of capabilities) and it goes beyond the app itself. Whether you have a question about an existing feature or simply want to share your thoughts with us, the Support section of forScore’s Tools menu is filled with resources to help you take full advantage of our app.

From our searchable knowledge base to the complete user guide, the Support panel’s resources are your first stop when questions arise. We work incredibly hard to make sure our documentation is up to date and as clear as possible, but everyone learns differently—if something doesn’t make sense, contact us! We’re always happy to answer your questions and hear your constructive comments.

When you’re ready to explore further, you’ll find links to our website, Twitter feed, and to our other apps on the App Store. You can even check out our latest news posts and articles like this one right from within the app—great for keeping up with all of the changes and improvements we’re constantly making.

There’s one last thing you’ll find in the Support panel, and it’s right up at the top: information about forScore and your music library. You’ll see which version of forScore you have installed (and if a newer version is available the list below may include a link to the App Store so you can download the latest update). You’ll also see how many scores, audio tracks, backups, and other files are stored in your forScore library and how much storage space is used by each of these.

Support isn’t just something that’s offered in response to problems, it’s how we continue to make forScore the best app it can be—by striving to be proactive and thoughtful. These resources can help you enjoy forScore more, so don’t wait until something comes up to check it out.