Nearing Ten Years of forScore

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Ten years ago this month Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPad, and this April will mark ten years since the iPad 1 went on sale. As one of the first apps for iPad, we’ll also be celebrating this April and marking a full decade since forScore 1.0 was released.

Back in 2015, we put together a retrospective to illustrate just how far we’d come, but forScore’s visual changes were far more striking during those first few years and we wanted to take a different approach to commemorate our app this time around. Instead, we’re doing a few different things: we’re assembling a Spotify playlist of songs made with forScore, featuring testimonials and anecdotes from our customers to celebrate the impact our app has had on their music, and more.

So we’re asking for your help! If you can, please visit and see if there’s a way you’d like to participate and contribute (either way, feel free to share the link with friends). We’re very excited about this and it’s something we want to do together with our community—a celebration, not just some back-patting marketing initiative. We love making forScore and we cherish it not because of what it is, but because of what it enables musicians to do. We hope you’ll join us!

Update: We’re no longer accepting submissions for this project. To everyone who took the time to participate, thank you so much! We sincerely appreciate your kind words and support.