Update: Bluetooth Foot Pedal

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Earlier this week AirTurn announced that their upcoming iPad-compatible page turner, the BT-105, is being targeted for a mid-November release.

We’ve been working with Airturn since May to ensure that forScore would be fully compatible with the BT-105 at launch. With our exclusive and custom response engine built from the ground up to work with forScore’s innovative features, we haven’t just added compatibility to our app—we’ve taken the lead as pioneers in a quickly evolving ecosystem. In portrait or landscape mode, with half-turns enabled or disabled, the BT-105 will allow you to navigate between pages with a tap of your foot.

The BT-105 adapter starts at $69, with higher price points when bundled with foot pedals. It features a USB-rechargeable battery and will also work with Bluetooth-capable computers. We know many people have been very excited for this, and we’re sure that the BT-105 will be topping holiday wish lists this year!

Edit: The BT-105 will be available starting November 19th.