Version 2.5 Live

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After an unexpectedly long approval cycle, version 2.5 has gone live and brings a ton of great improvements. New settings, improved table views and animations, and setlist refinements make this the best version of forScore yet. Here’s the list of changes that 2.5 brings:

• Table views have been rewritten for better performance and smoother animations
• Setlist creator category view now includes search and keyword/genre lists
• Menu secondary controls have been lowered for improved accessibility
• Includes the ability to view setlists in their actual order or alphabetically
• Scroll to the top of most menus by tapping their title
• Menus can now re-open to their last scroll position
• Adds an optional two-finger tap in the middle of the screen to open the score menu
• Adds an option to show bookmarks in the main score menu
• Adds a debounce setting for better compatibility with some page turners
• Adds a setting to always open the score menu to the category view
• Adds support for PDF keyword fetching
• Lowers the Quick Scroll threshold to 25 entries from 40
• Improves Page Peek performance
• Extends undo/redo support to text annotation creation
• Helps prevent text annotations from being created off-screen

We’ve worked hard on this update, and also on version 2.6 that’s coming up next, so stay tuned for an exciting month of March!